Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Deal!

I ran into Meijer again quick today to grab the Mac&Cheese/Capri Sun/Munch pack deal mentioned here. I really didn't need more mac & cheese or the snack pack thing but did need the Capri Suns for soccer snack this weekend.

I had read on another frugal blog that Meijer Slider bags were part of the 10/$10 sale at Meijer this week and a lot of stores were substituting Ziploc slider bags for the Meijer bags. I made sure I took my Ziploc coupons with me so that I could check it out. I was at the Meijer in Oregon today and they WERE!! I had $1.00/2 and $.55/1 coupons for this type of bag. After coupons, I paid $1.45 for 3 boxes of bags.

To make the deal really great...

If you buy 3 of them, you get a $2.00 coupon back for your next shopping trip!!! Ended up being a money maker!! :)

Speaking of making money...I got paid at Meijer today!! I didn't think that was allowed to happen but it did!! I also got $5.00 in catalina coupons!!


  1. Thanks for this, Shelly!

    I took a trip back to Meijer tonight since you posted this. =) I had some really good coupons for Ziplock (offers inside the box when i made my last Ziplock purchase- plus the ones you had listed.) So glad I went! At the end of my trip, I had saved $15, spent $4 and got a $2 off coupon for my next purchase! waa-hoo! Thanks for posting this...and thanks for all you do weekly/daily for us with this blog. You are a lifesaver!


  2. Good for you Leah! It is so cool to see you benefiting and doing well at couponing! Great job!! :)