Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kroger Sales 4/19 - 4/25/2010

UPDATE: Perrysburg Kroger is doing Super Doubles again this week. I have adjusted the info below to reflect these changes.

I am unsure if Kroger will be doing Super Doubles this week. It seems it is becoming a regular thing but is still considered a promotion...and they have no idea when it will end, from what I have been told by guest services. I will try to find out and update this tomorrow when they are able to tell me for sure if it will continue on with this new sales period. For now, the prices below reflect doubling up to $.99 for the Perrysburg Kroger store (all others will only double up to $.50).

Not a whole lot going on at Kroger this week. They have a lot of 10/$10 in their ad this week but not much else (in my opinion).

Here are the best deals I see for this week:

Ground Chuck $1.88/#
Boneless Pork Loin $1.88/#
Bottom Round Roast BOGO
Western Style Pork Ribs $1.99/#

Red Seedless Grapes $.99/#
Dole Classic Garden Salad $1.00
Avocados $1.00 ea.
Mini Carrots, 16 oz. $1.00
Cucumbers $1.00 ea.
Mangoes $1.00 ea.

Kroger Milk, gallon $1.99
Kroger Yogurt $.40
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dips $1.00

Chicken of the Sea Tuna $.50
Cheetos $2.19
Doritos $2.19
Kroger Peanut Butter $1.00
Pepsi or 7UP, 2 liters $1.00

Sales & Coupon Match Ups
Kellogg's Cereal $1.97
Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies (pictured in ad)
-$1.00/3 4/11 RP insert
-$1.50/2 3/28 RP insert
=as low as $.97 ea.

Kellogg's Pop Tarts, 8 ct. $1.67
-$1.25/3 3/28 RP insert
=$1.00 ea. when you buy 3

Chef Boyardee Pasta $1.00
-$1.50/4 here
=$.50 ea. when you buy 4

Campbells Soup (cream of chicken & mushroom pictured) $1.00
-$1.00/2 here
=2 FREE!!

Green Giant Vegetables $1.00 (it looks like the boxed veggies in the ad)
-$.50/2 here
=$.50 ea. when you buy 2

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, Crescent Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls $1.00
-$.75/2 here
-$.30/2 here
-$1.00/3 here
-$1.00/2 here
-coupons from 3/28 SS inserts
=prices will vary

Country Crock $1.00
-$.40/1 here

Yoplait Greek Yogurt $1.00
-$.30/1 3/28 SS insert or here

Purex Laundry Detergent $2.99
-$.35/1 here

Scotch-Brite Sponges, 3 ct. $1.88
-$1.00/2 here (this is a pdf coupon but is linked to the manufacturer site so it is legitimate) **This coupon was originally $1.00/1 but changed to $1.00/2.
=$.88 ea. when you buy 2

Check the Kroger ad for a complete list of sales and things you may need. If there are any deals that I missed, please leave a comment! Thanks!

Most Kroger stores in the area will only double up to $.50 BUT these prices are based on the Perrysburg Kroger. They will double coupons up to $.99. Anything $1.00 and over will be taken at face value.


  1. Shelly,

    Last week, and again just now, the Scotch Brite coupon I click above is for $1.00/2. Wonder if they changed it? Lora

  2. Hey Lora!

    I just changed the info for the coupon in the post. They must have changed it because when I printed it, it was $1.00/1 not $1.00/2. Sorry!

  3. Just checked my coupon, it is $1.00/1. Printed it early last week. They have since changed it.

  4. $.88 is still a good deal for the Scotch Brite though. That's what I get for not printing the coupons right away!! Thanks, Shelly!! Lora

  5. $.88 is a good deal for the 3 pack of Scotch Brite sponges. I was at Walmart last week and checked them and it was $.84 for one sponge. So yes...definitely a good deal!! :)