Saturday, May 15, 2010

Giant Eagle Sales 5/13 - 5/19/2010

Okay...this is very rough. Below you will find an incomplete post for Giant Eagle. I have no time to finish it this weekend but wanted to get up what I have. I have not completed any final totals and didn't have time to figure out all of the insert coupons for each item. SO, be sure to check your coupons so that you can get the best deals!! If you see a really good deal, please leave it in the comments!!

Boneless Chicken Breasts, fresh $1.99/#

Vidalia Onions $.99/#
Farmers Market or Fresh Express Lettuce, select varieties $1.00 ea.
Blueberries BOGO
Sweet Corn 3/$.99
Mushrooms, 8 oz. $1.50
Gala or Granny Smith Apples $1.29/#
Green Beans $1.29/#

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.25

Angel Soft TP, 4 rolls $1.00
Sparkle or Brawny Paper Towels, 1 roll $1.00

Sale & Coupon Match-ups
Betty Crocker Potatoes $1.00
-$.25/1 3/28 SS insert

Yoplait Yogurt Cup $.50
*Buy 20 get $2.00 off instantly.
-$.40/6 4/25 SS insert
-$.50/8 4/25 SS insert

Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice, Wild or Ready Rice $1.75
-$.75/2 here

French's Mustard $2.33
-$.30/1 5/9 SS insert
-$.50/1 5/9 SS insert

General Mills Cereal 3/$8 (MUST buy 3 to get the deal)
Cheerios, Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs (listed)
-$.55/1 here or here

Fiber One Bars $2.50
-$.50/1 5/2 SS insert
-$.50/2 5/2 SS insert

Bisquick $2.50
-$.60/1 here

Nature Valley Nut Clusters $2.50
-$.50/1 4/18 SS insert

Yoplait Gogurt, Kids or Trix Yogurt $2.00
-$.80/2 here

Yoplait Delights $2.00
-$.50/1 4/25 SS insert

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownies $2.00
-$.75/2 here or here

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.25
-$.50 WHEN you buy a Betty Crocker cake mix AND frosting here

Daisy Sour Cream, 24 oz. $2.50
-$.50/1 3/28 SS insert

Totino's Pizza Rolls, 40 ct. $3.33
*When you purchase 3 in one transaction, get $3.50 off your next shopping trip
-$.50/2 or $1.00/2 here

$2.00 off any gallon of milk instantly when you purchase 4 Pillsbury products below:
Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies $2.50
-$1.00/2 3/28 SS insert

Pillsbury Crescent Big Rolls $2.50
-$.40/2 3/28 SS insert

Pillsbury Grands! $2.50
-$.30/2 here

Pillsbury Pie Crust $2.50
-$.50/2 3/28 SS insert


$3.00 off your next shopping trip when you buy $15 in participating products below:
Pepsi or Mountain Dew 12 packs or 24 oz. 6 packs 3/$11
Lipton Ice Tea 12 pack, Aquafina Water 24 pack, Starbucks Frappuccino 4 pack $4.99
Gatorade, SoBe Lifewater $1.00
Frito Lay Tostitos, Doritos or Ruffles $3.00
Rice A Roni or Pasta Roni $1.00
Quaker Chew Granola Bars $2.50
Propel 6 pack $3.00

Viva Paper Towels $5.99
-$.50/1 here

If you see any other deals, please leave a comment.

These prices are based on using Giant Eagle's shopper card. Giant Eagle will double coupons up to $.99. Anything $1.00 and over will be taken at face value. You are able to use four like coupons per transaction. Check their ad for what you might need!


  1. Hi Shelly! Is Giant Eagle just doing regular coupon doubling or super doubles this week? ~Kristen

  2. GE will be doing regular doubling (up to $.99). From what I've heard they will only be doing Super Doubles the first week of the month...which is the pattern I've been seeing.