Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just wanted to thank everyone who commented on the post regarding which Kroger they shop at and when they check the blog for the match-ups. I appreciate your input!!

I will continue trying to get the posts done on Sundays with the deals from the ads. Most likely they will not be done until late on Sunday nights. I do not get the ad until Sunday mornings so there is no way for it to happen any sooner than that with church and any other commitments we may have. If I cannot get to it on Sundays, I will try to get them up on Monday as soon as possible.

As far as the Kroger posts, I am going to keep them the same for now. I may make a minor change in the future to help others out that frequent locations other than Perrysburg. As of now, I had one person say they shop elsewhere.

Thanks again! Hope you're all having a great week!! :)

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  1. FYI-there is a fraudulent coupon out there for free Doritos. I guess it's printing out with the other coupons you actually choose (not sure which site though.) My grandma printed some and gave them to me but Meijer said they're fake. ~Kristen