Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Shopping Trip and the Power of Coupons!

Last night I headed out for some time to myself. I was going to grab some charcoal because there was a really good deal at Home Depot but unfortunately they were out and they do not do rain checks. BUMMER!

Anyway...I moved on and headed to Target, Kroger and Giant Eagle to see if I could find any good deals. Tomorrow I am going to run into Meijer quick to grab a few birthday party supplies and Chex Mix. Believe it or not, my kids are NOT sick of that stuff yet and still LOVE it! We are down to one bag after having bags AND bags for months and months. I'm pretty set with stuff around here for a while so I think my shopping will be limited for the next month...other than scoring stuff like this:

I spent $5.42 for everything in the picture (PLUS 2 boxes of Capri-Suns that we forgot about in the garage)!!

Target--spent $2.88 after coupons
2 bottles of Shout ($2.24 ea.)
2 boxes of Band-aids for Kids ($1.82 ea.)
1 box of Nexcare Bandages ($1.87 ea.)
*I got good deals on these items because I was able to combine manufacturer coupons and Target store coupons on each item.

Giant Eagle--spent $.49 after sales & coupons

Seedless Watermelon ($3.99)
Knorr Recipe Mix (on sale @ $1.50)
*Used $4.00 in catalina coupons on this order

Kroger--spent $2.05 after sales & coupons
2 packages of Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat ($3.89 ea.)
2 bags of Kroger Shredded Cheese (on sale @ $1.50 ea.)
13 bags of Lifesavers Mints/Hard Candy (on sale @ $1.00 ea.)
2 cans of Dole Pineapple ($1.39 ea.)
1 Butterfinger ($.50)
2 Caprisuns ($1.99 ea.)
*Used $3.00 in catalina coupons on this order, plus free item coupons for the lunch meat and candy bar. All of the Lifesavers were FREE except for 2 bags.

Some of the coupons are no longer available or are coupons that you may not have which is why I did not list them all. If you are curious about a coupon, just ask...I can see if I can help you locate them if they are still available.

Are you finding any good deals this week??

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  1. wow shelly! great job! you are so great at what you do =)