Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nivea for Men Body Wash

Has anyone else been waiting...AND waiting for Giant Eagle to restock the Nivea for Men Body Wash?

I ran into Walmart quick to grab some garbage bags and a couple of other things today and checked out a few prices. I had seen where there were reports of finding the body wash for $3.00 at Walmart stores in other areas of the US. Usually when I see these deals, I end up disappointed because our stores seem to be more expensive than other areas. Well, not today!!

Walmart (Oregon) has the Nivea for Men "Cool" Body Wash for $3.00. If you still have your $3.00 coupon...this will be FREE for you!! The coupons expire June 30. (Beware because there is another type of Nivea for Men Body Wash that is $4.00. Be sure to get the "Cool" version for it to be free!)


  1. shelly! i checked for WEEKS for that stupid body wash! i finally found ONE BOTTLE at giant eagle a couple weeks ago and thought to myself, "i don't even care how it smells. adam's getting this scent because i refuse to keep searching for this!!!" thanks for the info about walmart, though. i definitely would have checked there if i wouldn't have gotten lucky at giant eagle =) leah

  2. I know what you mean!! And I thought the same thing about the smell! Tim is a little picky about that too! My raincheck was dated for 5/7/10. That's a long time to be out of something. Every person at guest services had a different story...I've been told it's a manufacturer shortage and also that they sell out as soon as they get it back in b/c of the coupons.