Saturday, July 24, 2010

New eCoupons Available...

I am working on my inbox and found a couple of emails with new eCoupons--here are some eCoupons that were made available recently...I think they were from when I was gone on vacation but check them out if you like to use these.

If you are a paper coupon user, PLEASE use caution when loading eCoupons to your shopper's cards!!! I've contacted Kroger again about the eCoupons they offer right on their website because I've had a couple people say they've had trouble combining those with paper coupons. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was told that the eCoupons from the Kroger site could be used with paper coupons AS LONG AS they did not exceed the value of the item. Some are finding this to not be true. I've contacted Kroger again in regards to this so hopefully I will get a response soon. I will keep you updated.

Go here or to my side bar to load eCoupons from Cellfire to your Kroger and/or Giant Eagle card.

Or...go here to load eCoupons from Shortcuts. Shortcuts is also offering printable coupons now!

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