Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Check out this deal!!

Remember this Catalina deal that I posted about earlier...

Buy any 10 Kellogg’s, Keebler, Sunshine, Eggo and/or Morningstar Farms products (3.8 oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match) in one transaction, get a $10 checkout coupon valid on your next order. (8/1-8/14)

Well, it gets better than 10 boxes of cereal for $5.65. You can get 10 (small) bags of cereal for FREE!!

Have you ever heard of these??

I had never heard of this stuff before...and I was actually looking for it earlier today but didn't find it until I was heading to the checkout. I had read at Money Saving Mom that it would be free because the bags were $.99 each...and if you bought 10 bags you would get $10 back in a Catalina coupon. Well when I found them (NOT in the cereal aisle...they were in the main aisle @ the Oregon Meijer) they had a price above them stating they were $1.67. I just passed them up because the boxes of cereal that I already had in my cart were going to be cheaper than that.

So this afternoon I was looking at a blog and someone had left in the comments about this deal that their store had the same sign (they were $1.67) but she happened to take a bag to the scanner to price check it...and they were $.99. So tonight I ran in there again quick on my way home from dropping the kids off at VBS. I wouldn't normally make a special trip...but I had no kids and had planned another trip to Meijer anyway to grab more why not?? And sure enough they were $.99 at our store too!!

So here is the deal...
10 bags of Kellogg's Pops Mix-It's @ $.99= $9.90

$10 Catalina Coupon

Like Earning (not paying!):

And this Catalina deal rolls...meaning you can take your $10 coupon and purchase the same items with it over and over if you wanted.

For instance:
I had my $10 coupon from this morning when I was at Meijer and purchased the 10 boxes of cereal.

I grabbed 11 bags of this Pops Mix-it's cereal (because I wanted the total to be more than $10) and used the $10 coupon to pay for it along with $.89 out of my wallet. I earned another $10 Catalina coupon. A lot of times Catalina deals will not allow you to do this. If you were to do this on some of the would not print you another Catalina coupon. So you do have to be careful in doing have to read the fine print!

I also bought my pop and got my FREE bag of Doritos but I did this in a separate transaction so that I could use the Catalina coupon from the Mix-it's cereal to pay for it. I ended up paying $.68 out of my pocket for 2 cases of pop and a bag of Doritos.

Are you finding some great deals this week??


  1. That is great! I will have to do this on Friday...unless they are all gone by then! Thanks for all your work on here!


  2. Hopefully they will keep them well stocked! There was a lot left tonight but I'm not sure how many will pick up on this deal. I did not see it advertised anywhere in store...I only found out about this catalina by reading other blogs.