Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coupons Might Take Some Time...But SO, SO Worth it!!

Today I ran into Kroger quickly to use some of my coupons...

This is what I walked out with:
1 whole seedless watermelon
1 bag of grapes (a little over 2#)
1 bunch of bananas (almost 2 1/2#)
4 pkgs. of Dannon Crush Cups
6 cups of Yoplait Whips Yogurt
2 gallons of milk
1 Gillette Body Wash
1 Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel
1 Speed Stick Deodorant
3 packs of Dentyne Ice Gum
8 cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli
2 packages of Bounty Paper Towels, 2 rolls in each

I paid $1.75 out of my pocket!!! Had I not used my coupons, I would have paid close to $60!!

Most of the coupons are listed in my Kroger post.

Items not listed in the post:
Dentyne Gum is $1.29. I used $1.00 coupons from the 6/13 SS insert. I bought several of these coupons on Ebay knowing that I'd be able to get the gum for free w/ the coupons.

Bounty Paper Towels are part of the P&G promotion and are $3.77 for a 2 roll pack. I received a $1.00 discount on each package because I purchased 4 participating items...making them $2.77 each. I also had $1.00/1 coupons from a P&G coupon book offer that I received for submitting receipts with P&G purchases. I ended up paying $.77 for each package.

The Dannon Crush Cups are $1.99 right now. I used the $1.00/1 coupons from the 7/18 SS insert. This is another coupon that I bought from Ebay because I knew that I'd get them either free or very cheap.

I also had $11.00 in catalina coupons from a couple of weeks ago that I had to use up before they expired.

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