Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Frugal Are You??

I was just looking at some frugal blogs online and came across this fun quiz!

Go here to take it! You'll need a pen and paper!

I am "Mrs. Frugal"...which is kind of the middle of the road. Not using cloth diapers and the fact that I do not dumpster dive brought me down! HA!

Take the quiz! It's fun! :) Leave a comment and let us know what you are!!


  1. I'm "Mrs. Frugal," too!
    ...and I don't feel one bit sorry that I don't dumpster dive! Ha!

  2. YEP, me too Mrs Frugal!!! I blame you Shelly!!!! LOVE all that you have taught me over the past year!!!! Your the best!!!


  3. I really thought I would score higher but I guess there are some that take frugal to using "family cloth" to wipe your behind. And like you Leah, I do not feel bad about not dumpster diving! I'm okay with where I am...though I'm sure there are areas where I could learn to be more frugal...but I will only go so far!

    Amy...glad to be of help! I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondered how you were doing!!