Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cheap Toilet Paper & Paper Towels!!

These deals couldn't have come at a better time!! We were down to one extra roll of paper towels and our last package of toilet paper!! Super excited that I could walk away paying a little bit of nothing for these items today at Meijer!!

I had seen on B2B that there were unconfirmed reports of Northern TP being 1/2 off...I ran to Meijer quick today to check it out to see if our local Meijer store was participating.

Northern TP, 6 double rolls $2.16 (this is 50% off regular price)
-$.50/1 here, also register here

Brawny Papertowels, 2 big rolls $1.79 (50% off regular price)
-$.50/1 10/10 RP insert

Stock up!!

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