Friday, October 29, 2010's a great thing!! :) Read these stories!

Leah & Amy shared the following stories in the comments (Thank you!!). I wanted to make sure that you read them! Couponing has made a huge impact for both of these ladies!! And thank you, both, for your kind words!!

What has couponing done for you?? Feel free to share your story in the comments!!


Wow! Where should I begin? Couponing has changed my life! I used to just go to the store without a list and just buy what "sounded good." I would end up walking out of the store after swiping my debit card and not even know how much I just spent. I would say that I spent at least $120 each week just shopping at Meijer for groceries/toiletries.

When word got around the church about how much women were saving at the grocery store because of your methods/classes, I just HAD to jump on board. It blew my mind that people could walk out of the store with FREE items or items for just pennies. I also began taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace class, and just knew that I had to make this life change for my husband and future family.

It was our first month attending Financial Peace and we had just started using an actual budget. I remember distinctly that I had $25 “blow money” and I decided to use $10 of it for your coupon class. (I feel funny calling it “blow money” now because in actuality it was “INVESTMENT money!”) Since I attended your class earlier this year (...I think it was March?) I have saved $1306.57 with the use of coupons/sales! The $10 fee for your class was the best money ever spent!

I have gained such satisfaction in knowing that I have control over my money and what I buy at the store. It is one way that I can make a difference in my budget. Now, we spend $75/week on groceries/toiletries and that includes Stockpiling. My pantry is full and my freezer is filled, all because of your techniques and your blog. You couldn’t make it any easier! You really take all the guess-work out of couponing.

I feel very blessed that I know you and have been able to attend your coupon class so that I can make a positive difference in our budget and life. As far as helping others, I have been able to get to the point where I am able to give items to my family members & friends, but I am hoping to get to the place in my couponing where I can begin to donate to food pantries. That is the beautiful thing about this. You are serving the Lord in such a way by helping His people, and now it is our duty & blessing to help others in the same way. May you be blessed beyond measure, Shelly. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication to serving the Lord, and just being a beautiful person.


Very well put Leah!! I couldnt agree with you more. Although I do not have a total saved like you do; the freedom of not being tied to my "grocery money" every week is priceless.

Since attending your workshop almost a year ago, I faithfully watch your postings (almost on a daily basis) just so I don't miss anything! I even have gotten to a point that I like to map out the sales for myself and then check it with what you post! I dont do too bad, however, you always have a few that I have miss down the road. Your dedication to this site has allowed my family to not only have a pantry and refrigerator full of food/other necessities, but also to have extra $ to do other fun things as well. You have taught me so much about saving money, organizing my coupons and even the blessing of giving to the less fortunate. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you. In addition, one week per month, I even "challenge" myself with only purchasing items that are less that $1. I am able to do this by stockpiling my items so as to not really "need" anything. My whole family enjoys this week as we make it a game to see what we can buy for under a dollar! :)

Your verses of the week are also a blessing me.....seems as if each verse you post is just for me; it is exactly what I need to hear!!!

Again, thanks for all you do and I cannot wait to see where God takes you in this are truly a blessing to all who know you!!

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