Saturday, October 30, 2010

FREE Photo Calendar (you pay shipping)

**Be sure to read Jeanne's comment on this post so you know what to look for if you try this deal.

Have you ever ordered from Vistaprint? It is a great source for various printed cards, brochures, banners, stationary, calendars and SO much more! I've ordered business cards from them for FREE, but I do pay the shipping fees so it usually ends up being around $5.00 or so.

I had someone share with me the other day that she ordered a free photo calendar for her mom for Christmas. (I don't want to reveal her name b/c I don't want to give away her gift if her mom reads this blog...she knows who she is!!)

You can go here to do the same, you pay the shipping! She said she paid $5.74. A great gift idea!!


  1. I created a photo calendar from this link but when I went to check out it only gave me 50% off still costing me over $20 with s/h. When I called Vistaprint and indicated that the ad on their website said it was free they did give me the calendar for free but still charged the $4.99 photo upload fee. The total with s/h was just over $10. Not a bad deal but not as it appears.

  2. I'm sorry you had problems!! :( I don't want to tell you what to do, but I think I would argue more with Vistaprint b/c under the details & pricing section it says that the upload fee is free for this deal.