Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Your Anti-Virus Program Current?

I have NOT had issues with this but this was brought to my attention so I thought I'd make you aware...

A reader emailed me and said she was having major issues with her home & work computers lately. At work, the IT guy came in and looked at her computer and said that he tracked the problem back to the coupon sites that she has been using. He told her that these sites are laced with viruses.

The warning here is to make sure that you have your security system/anti-virus protection up to date and that these programs are running regular scans. If you have a Mac this is probably not an issue.

I haven't had any problems and I have been using these sites for a long time. I have never heard this before...nor in all of the reading I do, have I read about this being a problem. Has anyone else had issues?

If you do not have a security system/anti-virus protection on your computer, or it is not up to date, you are using the internet at your own risk. There are free programs available...check out AVG!!

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