Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Reader's Story!

I LOVE it when someone calls, emails or leaves a comment on the site about how things have changed for them since taking a class and/or using coupons! Here is what Kelly sent me last night via email. I am so happy for her!! :) I love it when people take the class and make it work for them!

Hi Shelly,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I LOVE COUPONS!!!! I think I have figured out how to get the BEST deals!!! Last Monday I went to Kroger and saved 49% on my bill!! Today I went to Meijer and saved 51%!!! I actually saved more than I spent!! (This was a goal of mine!!) So, I don't always time it perfectly, but you and your class have been so inspiring. I'm always paying attention to what is on sale and what I'm buying....and of course, how many coupons I can put with it!! Our cupboards are more full than they have ever been and I'm spending LESS money!!

Thanks again!!

Do you have a story to share?


  1. With your help Shelly, I went to Kroger last week and got $98 of food for $8. I was able to buy things I would not normally buy, but that provides the opportunity to try new things. Thanks!

  2. AMEN!!! Shelly, with your help and guidance our family is not only eating just as well as we did before, but we are also able to try things that we normally would not have. I thank God for your site and your information that you bless us with each day. I have followed your "coupon way" for a while now and I sing your praises to everyone I meet!! You have truly been a God send to me and my family (and now to many of my friends as well). I cannot tell you how amazing it feels (which of course you know) to walk into a store with a fist full of coupons and walk out with 5 grocery bags full and only spend $5. That savings has helped us figure out our budget and utilize that money that we used to spend on groceries. This has been a wonderful learning experience for me!! Thanks so much for all you do!!!

  3. Yea Gail!!! :) Great finds!! are always such an encouragement on here!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave comments often! It means more than you know! THANK YOU!!