Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Frugal Tip: Re-Use Cereal Bags

So in case you weren't feeling frugal enough after taking the quiz...

I was at a meeting tonight...and I have no clue how we got on this subject because it HAD to be unrelated...but anyway...if you buy meat in larger quantities and have to divide it into smaller portions, you may appreciate this.

One of the women on our team was sharing that she saves the bags from inside of cereal boxes. She washes them out and lets them dry. When she buys meat in bulk, she divides it up and places it in these bags because they offer more protection for the meat!! How clever! Might be a bit cheaper than buying freezer bags!! Thanks Ruth!

Do you have any frugal tips to share??


  1. You can also use these bags for cooling cookies instead of using wax paper. Diane

  2. I knew you would use this tip! Great job!